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In Linux and Unix systems there is a file called /dev/null. This is a file in which you write any non-essential output of your program so as to keep your logs clean. Basically, any unwanted stream of data is dumped here. That is the only purpose of this file.

I find the idea behind the existence of this inconsequential file analogous to the idea of psychological existence of the concept of God. It’s inculcated in us that the way to feel better psychologically is to divert negative thoughts to somewhere by praying to God. …

I respect Nassim Nicholas Taleb and he is one my favorite modern philosophers. In Taleb’s vocabulary, a Black Swan is an event of very low probability but that has severe consequences. In 2020, I haven’t gone out as such but this pandemic somehow caught up with me — I tested positive for Covid on 31st March 2021. It was always a question of when given the prevailing conditions. …

Are we sure we exist? Skepticism is the doubt of knowledge, it states that we cannot know for sure about the things that we think we are sure of. The hypothesis that we are living inside a simulation is one of the purest forms of skepticism, because if we are living in a simulation then we cannot know anything — we cannot know whether the tree we are looking at exists or not, neither we can properly question our very own existence, and when we start to doubt our very own existence, then we know nothing about this world.


Out there in the oceans of unknown, there are secrets we cannot fathom, yet sailing in it has been the inherent nature of humankind since the time when Adam curiously ate the forbidden fruit, the repercussions of which were pernicious, which we know as the infamous Judgement Day. This act is the exemplar of our penchant for curiosity — it elucidates no matter what the consequence, we humans will always strive to learn something which we don’t know.

There are many such discernible moments in history which qualify as examples of this. Thompson’s discovery of the electrons, Dalton’s discovery of…

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both

I first read these lines by Robert Frost when I was 13. These lines didn’t make any sense to me because at that tender age I hadn’t faced any of life’s quandary other than writing exams. But with time, these lines started to make more and more sense, as if fitting perfectly into a jumbled puzzle of life.

The transition from teenage to youth is a tumultuous one. Subtle choices that we think don’t matter ends up making a huge impact on our lives, like how…

The human mind is capable of many things, one of them is questioning its physical existence. The subtle nuances of the shades of things, the touch of another human being, the smell of the petrichor of the first monsoon rain, the morning birds singing with the sunrise and the taste of ambrosia, these are all the things that trigger all our senses and makes us feel alive, connected to the world.

One of the reasons I love playing video games is that they transfer me to a different alternate world, where the surroundings can be as beautiful as The Continent…

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In Python, tuples and lists are two similar data structures used to store sequential data. The well-known difference between the two is that tuples are immutable whereas lists are not.

>>> a = (1,2,3)>>> a[1] = 4cTraceback (most recent call last):File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>TypeError: 'tuple' object does not support item assignment

Tuples vs Lists

Despite the fact that tuples are comparatively less popular than lists, they find its application in many crucial aspects of Python, like

  • returning more than 1 item from a function
  • dictioanry key and value pairs

Recently, I had to write a Python program to automatically read emails with a specific label from my Gmail account and process the excel sheet attached in that mail daily at a specific time.

I knew that processing the excel sheet will be an easy task with Pandas but the real problem was getting the excel file, especially the second sheet of it. This took me quite some time and finally I was able to find a workaround.

To read emails from Gmail, there are two ways — using imaplib or using Gmail API.

To use imaplib, just allow it…

My college life has provided me with many vivid experiences with people of different characters and thoughts as I travelled through places and phases of life. As I passed through regions of varying languages, I encountered some who spoke Hindi, some spoke English, some Punjabi, some Urdu, some Kannada, some Tamil, some Pahadi and many who spoke a language made up of amalgamation of all these. That’s the thing about living in India — you know one language well but not that well to expatiate in it about anything!

One sunny day as I was travelling back to my hostel…

If you happen to be a part of any coding community, then you know the word “Microsoft” never goes down well with the majority of coders. On first thought, “Microsoft” comes down as something terribly stupid that oozes out sap of hatred — you just can’t breathe the air in which that word was spoken. I used to be one of those guys until recently.

Despite Microsoft being a cardinal part of the personal computing revolution, the hatred that it receives from coders is due to it’s closed source Windows operating system, its reluctance to delve into open source software…

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